"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

MSSA No Bond effectively prevents undesired bonding of particles of all present-day materials, (including the exothermic, self-bonding materials and wire), applied by all processes; metallizing, thermospray and plasma flame spray.  

For most of applications, MSSA No-Bond eliminates the cost and inconvenience of mechanical masking.  


MSSA No-Bond is non-flammable, non- toxic at all temperatures, and will not irritate normal skin.     MSSA No-Bond is easy to apply to a clean surface with a brush, and with paint spraying equipment. It is readily machinable, will hold a sharp line and will not run or bleed when heat is applied.

The compound, as applied, is blue-black.  If the temperature of the workpiece rises above 315C the blue-black colour will turn brown.   This characteristic is useful as an indicator of overheating.

For more information on MSSA's No Bond product, click this link to view our No Bond Technical Bulletin.

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