"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

Arc Spray 528 System

The Metallisation ARC528E-ICC twin wire arc spray systems, with either the 250 amp or 350 amp energiser, offers the ultimate in reliability and precision for demanding production applications. This includes both anti-corrosion and engineering coatings. Wire drive is supplied at the heavy-duty pistol by a highly accurate, powerful DC servo motor, driving a robust gearbox and drive roller system.  The high performance pistol incorporates proven Metallisation technology, including a unique constant geometry (CG) head. This ensures smooth and consistent spray quality and minimal downtime when changing consumable spares.  The 528E supplies package can also be fitted with a quick release supply package option. This reduces machine downtime, as it enables the pistol to be removed quickly from the production line for maintenance or preventative maintenance routines.


The PLC controlled energizers are fitted with closed loop current control. This enables the operator to set the spray current independent of wire type before starting the job, enabling easier setup and protection of the system from over-current. The control function is now controlled by a simple PLC which ensures improved reliability as less component parts are required. It also makes fault finding simple using a standard multimeter with the I/O for the PLC. All of the control electronics are in a sealed area of the energiser to protect them from the often harsh, production environment.

The 528E-ICC is offered with either the 250 amp or 350 amp energiser, depending on your production and throughput requirements. As an alternative, a high throughput version is also offered with either 700 amp or 1000 amp energisers.


ARC528E-ICC Twin Wire Arc Spray - Features

  • Arc Spray 528 System in usePull system ensuring quality coatings with consistent operation.
  • Proven Arc Spray system for automatic production environments. 
    Suitable for Anti-corrosion and Engineering wires, steels, copper and bronzes.
  • Sealed/lubed for life DC Servo motor.
  • Uses 2.3mm to 4.76mm wire sizes without changing feed rollers.
  • Easy to maintain, less than 3 minutes to change contact tubes and nozzles.
  • Low running costs as compared with gas systems.
  • Soft start for smooth start ups reducing electrical loading on components.
  • Steel reinforced conduits for extended service life with standard 5m package.
  • Safety interlocks.
  • Choice of coating textures.

ARC528E-ICC Twin Wire Arc Spray - Industry Applications

  • Capacitor Manufacturing
  • Multi-void Aluminium Tube Manufacturing
  • ERW Tube Mills - tube weld seam repair
  • Spuncast Ductile Cast-Iron Pipes 
  • Anti-corrosive Coating of LPG cylinders
  • Railway tracks
  • Subsea riser pipes
  • Pantograph brushes
  • Steel vessels
  • Non-stick cookware
  • Steel reinforcing bars
  • Construction Piles

ARC528E-ICC Twin Wire Arc Spray - Pistol

The Pistol has been designed to give consistent throughputs with high coating quality. It is a heavy-duty unit with a robust construction.ARC528E-ICC Twin Wire Arc Spray Pistol

  • Designed to spray both Anti-corrosion and Engineering coatings.
  • Standard 2.3 through to 4.76mm wire size
  • No requirement to change feed rollers when changing wire sizes.
  • CG (constant geometry head) ensuring smooth feed, repeatable wire alignment and no adjustment of contact tubes required.
  • The Drive box is factory lubricated for longer life.
  • Closed arc for improved spray conditions and efficiency.
  • Armature voltage feed back for closed loop wire speed control.
  • Tacho feed back for Motor speed display and integration into closed loop production systems.

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