"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

Powder Spray 85 (5P-II Type) Flame Spray System

A powder spray gun for spraying hard facing alloys, ceramics and metals using oxygen and fuel gas. There are no moving parts in the spray gun. Extensively used for repair of engine parts and OEM applications. Various hardware configurations are available to spray metallic, ceramic cermet powders.

This gun uses a unique system for feeding and propelling the powders. The powder feeds by gravity through a metering valve and is drawn at reduced pressure into an aspirator chamber, from the chamber the powder is propelled through the flame where it melts and then deposits on the work in the form of a coating.


The Powder Jet Gun for Combustion Powder Flame Spray is a lightweight, hand-held spray gun that is unique within the industry. The 85 includes a built-in powder canister; therefore, an external powder feeder is not required. The Powder Jet 85 is ideal for occasional thermal spray needs and a good choice for entry-level combustion powder spray requirements. 

Powder Spray 85 - Features

  • Flow meters for optimal setting of parameters and fault finding
  • Remote powder feeder option for production operation
  • Air Regulator and Filter (A.R.F.)
  • Can spray Metals and Ceramics
  • Optional vibrator to spray Ceramics
  • Optional Cooling Jets

Powder Spray 85 - Typical Applications 

  • Reclamation of  engineering components
  • Spray/fused coatings
  • Application of Ceramics for insulation, heat resistance (thermal barrier) etc. 
  • Self fluxing alloys for extreme wear applications 


Powder Spray 85 System Video Demonstration

Powderjet-85 is a thermal spraying gun to deposit metals, ceramics or cermets, available in powder form, on to solid work surfaces. The powder to be sprayed is carried in a hopper mounted on the gun. The powder is fed by gravity through a metering valve and is drawn at a reduced pressure into an aspirator chamber.

The powder is then propelled through an oxy-acetylene flame. The flame melts the powder and propels the fine molten metal particles towards the work surface to be deposited there in. As only a minute amount off the powder is lost by being blown away or consumed in the flame, the deposit efficiencies are very high, nearly 100% in some cases. Sprayed coatings are dense and uniform.

The gun can be operated both manually as well as held in a tool post for large volume automatic production. The design of the gun is such that it can spray a wide variety of powders without change of nozzle.

Flame/Powder Spray Equipment Trolleys

For the convenience and ease of moving your Flame/Powder Spray Equipment quickly from job to job, we supply purpose-built Flame/Powder Spray Equipment Trollleys, complete with gas cylinder storage, powder and tools storage with lockable doors.   

Note, the photos show the Powder Spray 85 system installed in the trolley, please note our Trolley's can be loaded with any of our Flame/Powder Spray systems.

Equipment Trolley - Storage Features 

  • Flamespray system storage including Spray Pistol, Flowmeters, Regulators, Flash Back Arrestors, Hoses, Air Manifold
  • Gas Cylinder Storage facility
  • Hose Storage Facility
  • Hard Rubber Wheels- no puncture worries!
  • Castors
  • Wire Storage Facility

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