"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"


The Met-PCC(PLAS) is Metallisation’s 50kW plasma spray system offers mass flow control, touch screen operation and up to 100kW options for pistols.

Plasma sprays are used for dense, quality coatings like ceramics, cermets, metallic coatings, WC-Co and meet aerospace standards.

Plasma is the term used to describe gas which has been raised to such a high temperature that it ionises and becomes electrically conductive. In the case of Plasma spraying, the plasma is created by an electric arc burning within the nozzle of a plasma gun and the arc gas is formed into a plasma jet as it emerges from the nozzle. Powder particles are injected into this jet where they soften and then strike the surface at high velocity to produce a strongly adherent coating. Metallisation offer a Pistol Control Console plasma spray system that is capable to spray a range of commonly available plasma pistols, as well as our own PL50 pistol.

At the front end, the operator interface utilizes an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), including the option to integrate video images into the display. The interface runs on a familiar touchscreen Windows PC platform with Intel Dual Atom processor which is great for usability, integration and communication. Behind the scenes, the latest PLC runs the system with communication between devices via the reliable Ethernet protocol.

As you would expect from a system of this standard, the gases/fluids are all mass-flow controlled for optimum repeatability of coatings. All spray parameters can have real-time trending on the system.

The result is a truly unique, compact design, flexible, easy to operate Plasma system, backed up our industry experience and support.

Met-PCC(PLAS) Plasma Spray System – Industry Applications

Met-PCC(PLAS) Plasma Spray System – Key Features

  • Mass flow control of primary, secondary and carrier gases = repeatability
  • Easy to use, intuitive operator interface
  • Inverter power supply = stability
  • PC control with touch screen operator interface
  • Optional keyboard control or operator interface unit
  • Manual or fully sequenced start-up, operation and shut-down
  • Various straight, angled and extension pistols can be used
  • Safety interlocks to prevent running without coolant and gases
  • Argon or Nitrogen primary and Nitrogen, Helium or Hydrogen secondary gases
  • Unlimited recipes and parameter recording
  • Other powder feeders/power sources can be interfaced

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