Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

White Masking Compound (W.M.C.) is used for HVOF Masking.  W.M.C. is a semi-soft compound, conformable material similar in appearance and feel to modelling clay. It is used to protect areas of a part adjacent to those which receive an HVOF applied coating. W.M.C is easily and quickly stripped from the part, leaving a residue free surface with good line definition.

W.M.C is truly revolutionary. By providing a method of masking, it allows users to take full advantage of HVOF coating technology. Highly desirable HVOF coatings can now be applied with superior results and without the usual delay associated with the design and fabrication of metal masking fixtures. Parts can be ready for HVOF spraying 30 minutes after arriving at the spray facility. 

Parts which previously were impossible to fixture can now be quickly and economically masked. Screw and bolt holes, complex contours, extrusion screws and other difficult to mask applications are easily and quickly protected by W.M.C..

W.M.C is also more economical than prefabricated fixtures. This allows small runs or even one of a kind parts to be economically masked and then HVOF sprayed.

W.M.C insulates protected surfacespreventing unwanted heat build-up. It does not shrink during cure. It is removed after spraying with no residue and good line definition, eliminating costly post spray grinding/polishing.

HVOF WMC - Specifications

Max. Temperature - Continuous Use

Cure Cycle

25 minutes @ 160oC

Density 50lbs/cubic ft
Free Chlorides

< 1 PPM

Free Halogens < 1 PPM
Cured Tensile Strength

6.9 Mpa (3mm thick)

Hardness (Shore A) 55 Degrees
Shelf Life

6 months @ 72oF in sealed container

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