Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Flexicord is manufactured by co-extrusion of a paste containing the powder material (metallic, ceramic or carbide) and organic skin. It is sprayed through a Flame Spray pistol using Oxygen & Acetylene gases. Flexicord products deliver excellent resistance to thermal cycling, abrasion, corrosion and dielectric exposure. When compared with HVOF and Plasma sprayed coatings, Flexicord consumables impart coatings with less internal stress, allowing thicker coatings with better thermal cycling resistance & wear protection.

Thermal spray Flexicord products are available in a range of metallic, ceramic and carbide formulations. Consult our MSSA technical specialists to assist in selecting the right coating for your specific needs.

Spray and Fuse with Flexicord ROCDUR Series for Hard-Facing

Application Examples

Rewinder Rollers - Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Aluminium Casting - Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Textile Equipment Coatings - Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Metal Wire Drawing - Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions