"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

This video features testing our Orange Masking tape, against another brand of Masking Tape, and was tested by Grit-Blasting and HVOF Metal Spraying a Nickel based Chrome Replacement (MSSA 40/60C), the results show that our brand of tape outlasts 5 to 1 over the other brand.

MSSA supply a range of HVOF Masking Tapes, suited for masking areas from being metal sprayed.  

HVOF Masking Tape is a heat-resistant fully cured silicone rubber based Elastomer Tape designed to protect pre-machined surfaces from over-spray during HVOF. The tape is adhesive free, therefore it leaves no adhesive residue after spraying. Through the elongation properties of the tape you are able to wrap this very tightly round your work piece, overlap by 25mm apply pressure and after job pre-heat the tape fuses to itself.

 Thermal Stability 180° C
 Short Term Max. Temperature 260° C
 Hardness 40  +/- 10 Shore A
 Shelf Live 6 months
 Applications Tape can be used for masking during HVOF Spraying
 Properties Fully cured silicone rubber based elastomer
 Coverage Rate 25mm width x 0.5mm thick by 11 meter length.
 Clean-up Tape can be removed easily using sharp craft knife/Stanley knife

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