"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

MSSA stock Ceramic and Metal Spray Powders used to provide Ceramic Coatings. The powders are for use with Flame Spray, Plasma, HVOF, Spray Weld, Cold Spray, Laser Weld and Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Hard Facing.

Although we supply our own range of powders we can offer other brands as required, just ask our sales team and they will gladly provide price and availability.

If you require more details on any of our powders, please call or email and we will by happy to send out detailed specifications and/or material data safety sheets.

Ceramic Powders & Specifications Listing






MSSA 1101

MSSA 1101 has greater resistance to abrasion and impact than coatings of white alumina.

They are not quite as efficient thermal barriers as the white alumina coatings, but are usually used in high temperature applications if wear and abrasion are also part of the problem.


Cylinder Liners

Dump Valve Plugs and Seats

Galvanizing Dip Tanks

Pouring Troughs

Ingot Molds

55 Rc



MSSA 1102

MSSA 1102 is a ceramic powder used where only moderate abrasive wear resistance is required.  It is soluble in alkalis and sulphuric acid but resistant to attack in many other environments

Seal areas

Pump components Sleeves Shafts

Gland Packings

53 Rc

Tio2 99% min

MSSA 1105

MSSA 1105 is a white alumina ceramic powder. It produces dense coatings which resist wear by fibers and threads, and also resist erosion in high temperatures. Coatings of MSSA 1105 are also useful as thermal barriers and, when sealed, are used for electrical resistance in high temperatures. A recently developed use is as an abrasive coating in machine element clearance control applications in temperatures up to 1650°C  in jet engines.

Tension Gates

Draw Rolls

Rocket Nozzles

Missile Nose Cones

Rocket Engine Thrust Chambers

Machine Element Clearance Control in Jet Engines

60 Rc



MSSA 1136

This Chrome Oxide / Silicon Dioxide coating is designed to:                                  

Resist abrasive grain (Low temperature)

Resist hard surfaces (Low temperature)

Resist cavitation

Resist particle erosion (Low temperature)

Buffing and Polishing Fixtures

Pump Seals

Seals Plungers Wear rings

Wire Drawing Capstans

Diesel Engine Cylinder Liners

Exhaust Fans

Flame - 62


Plasma - 70




Oxide - Titania

MTS  8100


MTS 8100 has very high resistance to temperature fluctuations and is used in high temperature applications against abrasion and erosion.

It is not effected by molten zinc, aluminium, iron or copper

Aluminium Smelters

Coating of Tools for Aluminium Processing

Galvanising Tanks

Pouring Ladles

Aluminium Wheel Dies

Furnace Nozzles

– exceptional in conjunction when used over a bond coat of arc sprayed Alcro.

47.7 Rc


Oxide/Magnesium Oxide


If you cant find what you are looking for please check with the MSSA sales team as this is only a sample of what we can offer! 

If you would like more information, details, samples or a demonstration of the process, please call on 07 3823 1004, or contact us via email on our Contact Form.

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