Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance


We supply our own range of powders, but can offer other brands as required, just ask our sales team and they will provide price and availability.

The list below details a selection of the range of Flame Spray powders available. If the powder you are searching for is not listed, please contact us with your enquiry as in most cases we will be able to source it for you.

Powder Name Description Applications Approx. 
Nominal Composition


MSSA 91 is an inexpensive low carbon steel powder for thermal spraying. The coatings it produces are easily machined with good wear resistance in lubricated service, but have low resistance to corrosion and oxidation.

  • Bearing journals
  • Press fits
  • Shafts
  • Hubs, etc
20-29 Rb Iron based low carbon

MSSA Ni 109

A Ni-Al primary composite bond coat powder containing typically 5% Aluminum. When flame sprayed, the particles go through a metallurgical phase change that allows self bonding to clean oxide free metal surfaces except Copper. Used as a bond coat on properly prepared surfaces to a thickness of 100µ to 200µ.

Bond Coat   Ni, Al

MSSA 443

A Ni-Cr-Al self-bonding composite powder for excellent resistance to high temperature oxidation and corrosive gases. Can be finished by Carbide tools or grinding. For salvage and buildup of Ni and Ni alloys where high temperature oxidation is encountered.

MSSA 443 is NOT self-bonding when Combustion sprayed though it exhibits high bond strength; hence correct surface preparation is advised for combustion sprayed coatings. However with the Plasma Spray process, it is self- bonding.

  • Resurfacing bearing and seal surfaces 
  • Building up and repairing castings
80-92Rb  Ni, Cr, Al
 MSSA 452

Composite self-bonding powder. Good for low cost salvage and restoration. 

  • Restoration of of carbon or corrosion resistant steels and cast iron.
  • High temperature corrosion/oxidation resistance
 80-85Rb  Fe, Ni, Al

MSSA Ni453

NI 453 is a general purpose Mo/Ni/Al composite powder producing coatings that are self bonding, internally strong and have good wear resistance even with applications dealing with a high degree of impact wear.
  • Hydro-electro valves
  • Exhaust fans
  • Wear rings 
  • Press fits 
  • Pump plungers
  • Seal areas
 80 Rb  

Al 5.5%, Mo 5.5%, Ni Balance

MSSA 953
MSSA 953 is a one step aluminium bronze powder suitable for spraying through most Thermo spray equipment.   The coatings offer good wear resistance and can be used for soft bearing applications. May require a bond coat.
  • Worn and mis-machined parts
  • Piston guides 
  • Bearing Surfaces 
  • Compressor air seals
  • Pumps
  • Copper Alloy Surfaces
 80-85 Rb

Copper-Aluminium Alloy 


MSSA 959

MSSA 959 is a one step, general purpose coating material designed for maintenance and salvage/repair applications.  

Coatings produced either by plasma arc or flame spraying are free machining and exhibit excellent wear and oxidation resistance.

  • As a bond coat under carbide and metallic alloy coatings.
  • For salvage and build-up of mis-machined or worn parts.
  • To resist fretting wear of machine bed ways, wear rings, bearing seats.
  • To resist abrasive particle erosion to exhaust valve seats.
  • To resist oxidation and corrosion of mufflers, heat treating fixtures. Electric motor armature shafts. Restore diameter for bearing press fits.
  • Brake drums and discs.
 80-85 Rb  Fe, Ni, Al
MSSA 1448

An inexpensive Iron base self-bonding composite powder containing Aluminum as an exothermic
component. Can be used for heavy buildups
without cracking. Not recommend- ed where
temperatures above 3800°F are encountered
or for corrosive atmospheres. Can be
finished with Carbide tools.

  • Bearing journals
  • Hydraulic rams, seals,
  • Mis-machined 
    and worn out components
 85Rb   **PROPRIETORY** 
MSSA 4744 MSSA 4744 is an inconel type flame spray powder. It is produced by a proprietory process and is a self bond one step powder which bonds to a properly
prepared metal surface. It produces stainless
type coatings with good wear and high corrosion
resistances with excellent oxidation resistance.
  • Bearing journal
  • Mechanical sea Press fits
  • Pump rotors and shafts
  • Water turbine nozzles
  • Mis-machined and worn out machine elements
  • Propeller shafts
  • Pump sleeves 
 80 Rb  Ni, Cr, Mo, Fe, Al


MSSA stock Metal and Ceramic Powders for Flame Spray, Plasma, HVOF, Spray Weld, Cold Spray, Laser Weld and PTA Hard facing.

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