"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

MSSA stock a wide range of powders suited for use with Laser Cladding Equipment.

The list below details a selection of the range of Laser Cladding powders available. If the powder you are searching for is not listed, please contact us with your enquiry as in most cases we will be able to source it for you.

Powder Name Description Approx. Hardness Applications
MSSA 276 Nickel-based 25 HRC Marine, Aerospace, Processing, Nuclear Reactors, Control Equipment
MSSA 25 Nickel-based 30 HRC Steel industry - Ingot transporter rollers in hot mills, pickle lines and cold mills, oil & gas - drill bits, pumps.
MSSA 33 Nickel-based 36 HRC
MSSA 33-FTC Nickel-based 36 Matrix Same as above with the addition of tungsten carbide where higher abrasion resistance is required.
MSSA 52M Nickel-based 47 HRC Oil & gas, petroleum - pump shafts, drill stabilisers, Waste to energy - super heaters, boiler tubes and panels.
MSSA 88 Nickel-based 59-64 HRC Waste to energy - super heaters, boiler tubes and panels. 
MSSA 625 Nickel-based 97 HRB (nominal) Marine, Aerospace, Processing, Nuclear Reactors, Control Equipment, Buffer Layer for Non-Magnetic
MSSA 6 Cobalt-based 38-44 HRC Hot shear knives and blades, hot trim dies, pump shafts and bearings, erosion shields, heat shields, valve seats and gates.
MSSA 40 Cobalt-based 40-47 HRC Sprayable alternative to MSSA 6, having the self-fluxing attribute which enables coatings to be fused, even in air. Good hard-surfacing choice where chemical or atmospheric corrosion is accompanied by metal on metal wear and/or impact.
MSSA 12 Cobalt-based` 45 - 50 HRC Textile and Carpet industries - cutting edges of blades; Timber Industry - saw tips; Engine valves
MSSA 1 Cobalt-based 50 - 55 HRC Bushings, knives, cams, seal rings, wear pads
MSSA 50 Cobalt-based 56 - 61 HRC MSSA 50 is a self-fluxing, sprayable cobalt alloy powder with excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. It is considered a suitable alternative to MSSA 1.


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