"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

Saint-Gobain TufCote® is a hard-facing "rope like" electrode used to improve ABRASION & EROSION resistance.

TufCote® is brazed using a oxygen-acetylene torch making the process user friendly for onsite applications. It can be welded on mild steel, low carbon steel, low alloyed steel, stainless steel, lamellar grey cast iron, spheroid cast iron. It can also be brazed on certain alloys of manganese steel with precautions. TufCote® is weld-able on itself, making local repair or recycling of parts possible.

The choice of correct grade of TufCote® depends upon type an size of abrasive material it will operate in, temperature, impact etc.

TufCote® Industry Applications

Brick & tiles: auger, edges of molding screws, pulverizer mill scrappers, cones, combs, crushing hammers, mixer blades

Drilling: stabilizer blades, rock drilling bits, guides/sleeves, reamer

Steel making: fan blades, hopper liners, screens, dosing valves, guides, teeth and crushing hammers

Aluminum paste: screws, extruder teeth, kneader components

Foundries: hopper lining, screens, scrappers, dosing valves, bucket scrappers, feeder screws, crushing hammers,

Dredging: scrappers & bucket teeth, scrapper blades, bucket liners, teeth of dredging bits, cutter teeth, feed pipes

Civil works: bucket teeth, grader scrappers, bucket liners, drilling bits, mixer blades for asphalt machine, wear plates, tunneling tools

Cement plants: feeding screws, fan blades, mixer blades, mixer scrappers, dosing valves, feeding ports

Mines: scrappers and bucket teeth, hopper linings, screens, feeder rolls, crushing hammer

Sugar cane: sugar cane crusher, sugar cane cutters

Food: feed screws for sugar beets, palm oil press screws, mixer blades

Agriculture, forestry: barking blades & tools, wear parts for farming tools, feeding screws for fertilizers, feeding screws for wood barks

Waste treatment: scrappers, blades of centrifugal machines and mixer, edges of screw for water treatment equipment

Ceramic industry: mixer blades, scrappers of pulverizer mill, feeding screws, crushing hammers, extrusion dies, screws

Mixing and crushing: various mixer wear parts for TEKA®, Eirich® ,Lödige®… scrappers, blades

Saint-Gobain TufCote® Grades

Flexicord TUFCOTE® Size of WC particle Conditions of use / Typical applications
Grade A - HR2 1.6mm Abrasion / Civil work, mines, steel making, drilling stabilizers, mining
Grade M 0.8mm Severe abrasion / drilling bits, foundries tools, sugar cane cutters, stabilizers
Grade N 0.8mm Abrasion / provide smooth coatings, brick, feeding screws
Grade F 0.5mm Abrasion & friction / brick augers, feeding screws and parts in contact with wood
Grade CO-M 0.8mm Abrasion, friction / withstand temperature up to 600°C / used for friction against steel
Grade GMS 0.8mm Abrasion & friction against metal / scrapper of pulverizer mill, dredging cutters
Grade PLS 0.8mm Severe abrasion under high pressure and impact / drilling bits, crushing
Grade WCS 0.4 - 0.8mm Guide and centering barrel, wear parts in foundries, dredging cutters

The TUFCOTE® flexi cords are manufactured in diameter 3/16", 1/4" and 5/16". For other sizes, please contact us.

If you would like more information, details, samples or a demonstration of the process, please call on 07 3823 1004, or contact us via email on our Contact Form.