Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

We supply a range of silver solders to suit numerous applications.

Product Name Description Nominal Composition
Interloy SB2 These filler metals are free of cadmium. 2% Silver Solder is commonly used in the Plumbing Industry to join pipes and
fittings etc. suitable for soldering Copper to Copper
Silver 2.00%
Phosphorous 7.00%
Copper Balance%
Interloy SB15 These filler metals are free of cadmium. 15% Silver Solder is also used to solder Copper to Copper it is similar to 2% but due to the higher silver content it flows smoother
when soldering
Silver 15.00%
Phosphorous 5.00%
Copper Balance
Interloy SB 45 (Flux 
Coated or Bare Rod) 
These filler metals are free of cadmium. 45% Silver Solder has a wider range of applications such as soldering Steel to Steel, Brass to Steel etc. It is used widely in soldering hydraulic fittings, the rod's are normally blue in colour and
can be flux cored.
Silver 45.00%
Zinc 25.00%
Copper Balance
Interloy SB56 (Flux
Coated or Bare Rod)
These filler metals are free of cadmium. 56% Silver Solder can also be used in wide range of application some of them include tungsten tipping, tool bit repair, joining connection
to heating elements, silver repairs and for stainless steel repairs
Silver 56.00%
Zinc 17.00%
Tin 5.00%
Copper 22.00%
Interloy 965

MSSA Interloy 965 is a Tin Silver solder.  The alloy has good strength at elevated temperatures, good wetting and flow characteristics and tarnish resistance.

Starts to melt at 221 °C and fully molten at 221°C 

Used for soldering stainless steel and fine instrument work. Other applications similar to 95Sn/5Sb

Resin Core 500g 1.6mm or 3.2mm
Solid Wire 500g 1.6mm or 3.2mm

Tin Silver 96.5Sn/3.5 Ag


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