Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Kermetico Convertible equipment offers the final solution for the HVAF vs. HVOF discussion. You no longer need to choose between standardized HVOF equipment and the efficient HVAF processes.

You can use the Convertible HVAF & HVOF equipment spraying coatings in HVOF mode conforming to legacy HVOF standards or in an HVAF mode depositing higher-quality and less expensive coatings. The gas fuel HVOF allows spraying corrosion and wear resistant coatings with the best quality and cost.

Kermetico Gas-fuel High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel HVOF equipment utilizes continuous combustion of gaseous fuel, oxygen and air to generate a high velocity gas stream propelling a powder feedstock towards the surface to be coated.

The powder partially melts in the stream and deposits on the substrate. The resulting coating has low porosity and high bond strength.

Kermetico C equipment works in HVOF mode at a particle temperature up to 1,700°C (3,100°F) and accelerates the particles sized at -45/+15 microns to 700-850 m/s (2,300-2,800 ft./sec.).

The Kermetico C (C for Convertible) equipment family operates in either mode.

Kermetico C uses Oxygen and Air to spray HVOF cut powders consistent with HVOF standards, and it works in the pure HVAF mode to deposit ductile, high-hardness (1400-1600+ HV300, 6% deviation), non-permeable, smooth as-sprayed tungsten carbide coatings.

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