Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Metal Coating Spray with Specialized Thermal Spray Equipment

Kermetico engineer alloy-specific high velocity thermal spray systems dedicated to spray metal coating with the best quality and cost. They also manufacture advanced coating systems for cold spraying metals: Al, Au, Ag, Cu, Sn, Ti, Zn and alloys.

The above image shows a typical micrograph of an HVAF aluminum Coating, 100x.

The Kermetico Specialised HVAF S Systems range consists of the following:

  • HVAF SL -  the Specialised HVAF SL System has been designed to metal spray with a low melting point temperature. 
  • HVAF STi - the Specialised HVAF STi System is designed for spraying of Ti alloy and titanium coatings in the air. The STi system allows repairing titanium alloy parts.
  • HVAF SP -  the Specialsed HVAF SP System is specifically designed for the spraying of precious metals, Gold and Silver.

As the Australian distributor for Kermetico HVAF/HVOF equipment, MSSA supply specialised Kermetico equipment for the spraying of metal for Corrosion and Wear Resistance.