"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

Schlumberger is the world’s leading provider of Technology for the Drilling, Production and processing to the Oil & Gas Industry. Operating in more than 85 countries and employing approximately 100,000 people. 

The following test report compares several different Tungsten Carbide (WC) HVOF/HVAF sprayed coatings from different coating vendors to determine:

  • Vickers micro-hardness 
  • Erosion rate of the coating under a slurry jet testing environment
  • Micro-structure of the coating under a SEM

Below are the results of a Schlumberger competitive coating evaluation (extracted from the Schlumberger Report) conducted in 2010. Schlumberger is very selective with their choice of suppliers, so we were competing with the best-of-the-breed HVOF and Detonation coatings.

The HVAF and HVOF coatings we are producing today are superior to the one evaluated in this test.

For the full "Schlumberger WC Thermal Spray Testing - Kermetico Results" report, please Click Here.