Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Metal Spray for Anti-Corrosion is Not Limited to Zinc

A common oversight regarding anti-corrosive coatings is the belief that they can only be completed with Zinc, when in fact Metal Spray can offer 4 variations of anti-corrosion coatings all of which have their own identities:

Zinc 99.99%

  • High corrosion resistance in alkali medium at pH7 to pH 12.
  • Excellent protection against atmospheric corrosion.
  • Life cycle time proportional to coating thickness- metal sprayed Zinc can be applied to whatever thickness you want as it isn’t a dipping process like galvanising.
  • Inadequate in the case of higher salt content in air, as in coastal regions.
  • Corrosion behaviour like that of hot dip galvanising.

Zinc Aluminium 85/15 alloy

  • High Corrosion resistance also in low acid medium.
  • Higher corrosion resistance against atmospheric corrosion than Zinc and aluminium.
  • Higher corrosion resistance against chlorides and especially SO2 containing atmospheres than zinc.

Aluminium 99.5%

  • High corrosion resistance in media from pH 4 to pH9.
  • Suitable for SO2 containing industrial atmospheres.
  • Protects well in marine atmosphere and in seawater.
  • High heat resistance.
  • Highly resistant against acidic contamination.

Aluminium Magnesium 5%

  • Well suited to marine atmosphere and in sea or brackish water.
  • The loss rate in these corrosive media is significantly lower than for pure Aluminium.
  • AlMg5 metal sprayed coatings have a higher hardness than Aluminium and is easier to machine and can be polished. 

The Arc Spray process actually adds an extra variation to those listed above. With Arc Spray, we can mix the wires in both diameter (ability to vary the % composition of each alloy) and alloy.