Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance


One main area that utilise the Metal Spray process is utilised is with regards to anti-corrosive protection of bridges. The building of bridges requires a significant investment. Due to the environments in which the bridges are located, they are often susceptible to extreme conditions that result in rust and corrosion. For this reason, a high performance, proven corrosion protection coating is often required and specified. Bridges and bridge steelwork is also very large and hence metal spraying is an ideal solution as the work can be completed on-site without the need to dismantle the structure.

Te Rewa Rewa Footbridge (NZ)

The Forth Road Bridge (UK)

The Clifton Suspension Bridge (UK)

New Zealand has many bridge applications including the Auckland Harbour Bridge (NZ) (1958) and the Te Rewa Rewa Footbridge (NZ). Other bridges that have been coated include The Forth Road Bridge (UK) (1964), the Pierre-Laporte Suspension Bridge across the St Lawrence near Quebec, Canada (where from 1977-79 some 165,000m2 was coated after failure of the original paint system over a six year period), Humber Bridge (UK), the Bosphorus Bridge (Turkey), Tsing Ma Bridge (Hong Kong) and the Clifton Suspension Bridge (UK).

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