"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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Product quality, maintenance costs, and production requirements drive engineering improvements where surface technologies play an important role in steel production.

Specific areas of steel production where coatings are used include:

  • Gas ducting system from molten metal.
  • Gas injection tuyeres, lances and nozzles.
  • Molten steel process - ceramic nozzles.
  • Continuous casting moulds.
  • Continuous casting rolls.
  • Various processing rolls (i.e. bridle, deflection, and annealing furnace rolls).

Historical Steel Production

This video from the early 1970’s shows a number of metal arc sprayed coatings that were applied with Metallisation systems in steel mills and foundries. These applications are still relevant and applied today. HVOF and laser cladding coatings have joined the arsenal of coatings used to combat the harsh environments of the steel mill. The video is showing its age but demonstrates that the metal spraying process is not at all new and has a long and proven history. Particular interest is the mentioning of the thick steel coatings (up to 50mm / 2″) applied in some applications.