"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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The metal spraying process is used to provide protective coatings on balconies, fences, railings, and general architectural steel fabrications to prevent corrosion.

Thermal sprayed zinc (TSZ) coatings are often applied using either the flame spray or twin wire arc spray process. Depending on the environmental conditions and application requirements, aluminium (TSA) or zinc/aluminium (TSZA) coatings can also be applied using the same processes and tend to be used for industrial or coastal conditions. The metal sprayed coating provides an excellent base for a paint or powder coated top coat.

Often, these items would be galvanised but thermal spray is an excellent alternative to the hot-dip-galvanise process. There is little to no heat distortion with thermal spray making it ideal for thin, lightweight structures which would normally distort in a hot-dip galvanising bath. The size of the objects to be sprayed is limitless allowing large balconies and fabrications to be coated without restriction of the size of the galvanising bath. The Metal Sprayed coatings offer sacrificial (zinc), barrier (aluminium) or a combination of protection in the case of zinc/aluminium alloy. Depending on the coating thickness and environment, independent standards (EN ISO 2063) suggest that the coating life to first maintenance can exceed 20 years of protection.

The applications are wide ranging from domestic railings to playground equipment through to industrial equipment railing or sports facility barriers.