Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Rewinder Rollers

Industry: Paper Production

Equipment: Paper Winding Machines, Rewinder Rolls

Principle of Winding Roll: Non-slip coatings are required to provide slip resistance for winding the paper reels.

Service Conditions:

  • Severe abrasion from the paper.
  • High pressure due to the weight of the paper reel.
  • The surface of the roller must not mark the surface of the paper.

Coating Solution: ROCDUR 6750 or ROCDUR 6740 composite flexicords sprayed with TOP JET or MASTER JET flame spray units.

Morphology of Rocdur 6740 (as sprayed)

Benefits of the ROCDUR

  • ROCDUR 6750 or ROCDUR 6740 provides a uniform surface, without segregation or sedimentation of the "hard particles". The roughness is easily controlled by the spray parameters.
  • ROCDUR 6750 or ROCDUR 6740 are dense carbide-metal coating and their hardness is over 60 HRc.
  • The exceptional hardness and compactness of the ROCDUR 6750 or ROCDUR 6740 coating provides an excellent abrasion resistance. It is an ideal choice for all non slip applications requiring wear resistance too.
  • Versus alternative non-slip coatings, the roughness is not caused by the big particles that can flake off: the roughness of the surface is provided by the macroscopic "wave" coming from the coating
  • ROCDUR 6740 is suitable for coating roughness ranging from Ra 8 to 12µm with a Rz ranging from 50 to 65µm. ROCDUR 6740 provides a high linear density of peak (fine micro-structure).
  • ROCDUR 6750 is suitable for coating roughness ranging from Ra 8 to 20µm with a Rz ranging from 70 to 100µm (coarse micro-structure).
  • For higher roughness over Ra 20µm and RZ over 150µm, with a very coarse micro-structure ROCDUR NS is another coating alternative with our Flexicords (contact us for more details).

Bonding: The bonding of the ROCDUR NS is 4000 psi.


The morphology of the ROCDUR 6740/6750 coating is a compact structure of metal and tungsten carbide. The hardness of the coating is over 60 HRC.

The roughness is not due to a "big size" of ceramic particle, but is in fact due to "waves" of the coating. This significant feature improves the wear resistance.

ROCDUR 6740/6750 provides coatings with the following roughness features:

  ROCDUR 6740 ROCDUR 6750
Ra μm (μinch) 8-12 (314-472) 8-20 (314-790)
RZ μm (μinch) 50-65 (1970-2560) 70-100 (2760-3940)
Rmax μm (μinch) 60-85 (2360-3350) 70-120 (2760-4730)