"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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Paper Mill Cylinder

A large engineering component was metal sprayed over its entire length by Metalliseringsverket A/S of Oslo, Norway. The component, a massive cylinder, has been surfaced with an acid resistant stainless steel as it is destined for use in a North American Paper Mill and the paper making process involves the use of toxic chemicals, 1.524m (5ft) in diameter and 10.97m (36ft) in length, the cylinder weighs 18 tons and was fabricated in Norway.

The surface was prepared by rough cutting to a depth of 500microns (0.20”) followed by grit-blasting. A mixed bond coating of aluminium bronze and carbon steel was then applied followed by an intermediate deposit of S2, a further layer of a mixed deposit of S2 and stainless steel was then applied. The final coating of approximately one ton of stainless steel was then sprayed. The work was carried out using two Metallisation Arc Spray Pistols in tool-post mountings and a total of one and a half tons of wire was deposited. Flame Spray and Plasma Spray techniques can also be used.

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