"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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Front Strut Reclamation

Mining truck suspension system components can be reclaimed with the Metal Spray process.

The below image shows a front strut for the suspension system being reclaimed with the HVOF process.

Wheel Spindle Reclamation

Mining truck wheel spindles can be reclaimed using the HVOF process.

Underground Equipment

The wear and tear on the expensive underground equipment used by the mining industry is very considerable indeed, particularly at the coal face where mammoth automatic cutters have taken over from the miner. 

An example of wear on the machinery is provided by the main drive head shafts of the coal rippers. One end of the shaft carries the drive, and the other end carries the 1.524m (5ft) diameter cutting head which rips into the coal seam at the face. The drive shaft is keyed to accept the cutting head mechanism and it is at this point that the wear is most severe. The photograph shows the size and position of the keyway clearly. Wear takes place around the bearing circumference and particularly at the keyway edges (which carry the full weight and impact shock of the cutting heads). In the metal spraying rectification of these shafts, any wear of the actual keyway is repaired first of all by re-welding and re-cutting to standard size. The surfaces of a number of such shafts have been reclaimed. A deposit of S2 1.5mm (0.060”) thickness has been applied using the Metallisation Arc Spray system. 

Rear Jack Assembly Piston, Hydraulic Motor Piston and Arcing Cylinder Piston Rod

Three examples of components of a Dosco Miner Machine that has been successfully reclaimed using a Metallisation Flame Spray Pistol in the Central Workshops of the NCB at Midlothian,UK. 

From left to right the components are – A rear jack assembly piston, a hydraulic motor piston and an arcing cylinder piston rod. All the components have received a bond coating of followed by a final deposit of either S2 or 80E.

Caterpillar V12 Engine Block Reclamation