Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Textile Equipment Coatings - Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Industry: Textile Machinery - thread guides, feed separators, pins, rolls, guide bars, sleeves and more.

Principle of the Process: The textile industry is using parts such as guides, rolls, separators to guide the thread during weaving and winding operations. The thread is fed at very high speed in order to ensure sufficient efficiency and profitability of the textile machines.

Problem: The machines used in textile industry are exposed to extreme wear due to the fast feeding by kilometres of textile thread across the guides. The surface of the guides must remain very smooth, without grooves, scratches and pinholes to avoid that the thread becomes fluffy.

Service Conditions: 

  • High friction of the thread sliding at very high speed.
  • Risk of electrical static discharge due to the friction effect.

Coating Solution: Ti-Tex Flexicord® coating solution (see also Ti-Elite).

Ti-Tex Coating

Benefits of the Ti-Tex Flexicord®: 

  • The Ti-Tex is manufactured in a proprietary process which provides a unique and very fine distribution of Alumina and Titania alloy down to crystallite size.
  • Ti-Tex produces coatings which are dense (4% porosity), hard (950 Hv300) and smooth (3 to 4µm as sprayed).
  • Ti-Tex resists to wear caused by friction of the textile wire.
  • After surface finishing Ti-Tex is very homogeneous and provides a very fine surface quality. Tumbling or super-finishing are recommended, if a smoother finish of a Ti-Tex coating on very small parts or on parts with unusual contours is required.
  • The Ti-Tex structure is ideal for textile applications. Ti-Tex ensures 10 to 15% higher lifetime, with a better surface finish.
  • Ti-Tex is sprayed with a flame wire gun that can also spray ROKIDE C rods.
  • The spray pattern is narrow, coatings on narrow parts is thus possible (grove, capstan, pin, textile wire guide).

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