"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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The Metallisation ARC145/245 with closed loop current control is a unique blend of ability and innovation. The ARC145 system offers a great balance of controllable throughput with flexible operation and the opportunity to have extended supplies packages up to 50m from the energiser to the pistol. A number of new features are included to enable reliable spraying at 250A, 100% continuous duty cycle. These include a new pistol front end with contact tips instead of solid tubes; a heavy duty drive unit with new, v -shaped reversible rollers; heavy duty supplies package/manifold and a 250A energiser with high-specification digital meters and the latest PLC for connectivity to master control systems. These features combine to give a flexible, reliable and manageable solution for small to medium scale thermal spray applications, producing quality, fine surface finish coatings.

Arc Spray ARC145/245 - Features  

  • 250A spray capacity – suitable for many engineering coating requirements and small corrosion protection jobs.
  • New S245 sealed energiser.
  • Closed-loop current.
  • Push/Pull system for a more stable arc ensuring quality coatings with consistent operation.
  • Patented Flexible Drive system (synchronised) with larger core for added strength under greater duty. 
  • 5 to 20 metre supply packages from the wire to the pistol for spraying accessibility.
  • High powered, sealed / lubed for life inverter drive gear-motor.
  • Air-cooled cables reduce pistol supply weight and operator fatigue and gives good maneuverability.  
  • Suitable for anti-corrosion and engineering wires, steels, copper and bronzes etc.
  • Suitable for 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.3mm and 2.5mm wires without changing feed rollers.
  • Easy to maintain, less than 3 minutes to change contact tubes and nozzle, which do not require adjustment.
    • 5m pull option available for small workshops.
  • Low running costs as compared with gas systems.
  • Soft start for smooth start ups reducing electrical loading on components
  • Choice of coating textures
  • Wire dispense packaging options allow drive unit to be compactly mounted on the energiser or separately on the floor / wall or site capable trolleys.
  • When wire drive is energiser mounted, the drive unit can rotate through 180º to follow the operator whilst spraying.
  • Power extension trolley with several length options designed to allow the energiser to be sited away from the spray job.
  • PTFE lined conduits for reliable long wire feed.
  • 10 metre extension supplies package as standard. Longer lengths available for certain applications. Contact us for more details.

Arc Spray ARC145/245 - Typical Applications 

Multi-coat System for Both Engineering and Anti-Corrosive Coatings Including:

  • Reclamation of worn components.
  • Restoration of diameter.
  • Anti-corrosion protection to replace or repair galvanising.
  • Metal Spray Coating of Animal Transport Vehicles.
  • Anti-corrosion protection using Zinc, or Aluminium, or 85/15 Zinc Aluminium, or AlMg5.

Arc Spray ARC145/245 - Industry Applications 

Arc Spray ARC145- Pistol

The ARC145 pistol utilises the latest design of contact tips and air-concentrator. The head design, along with the contact tips improves cooling to the arc area, resulting in longer contact tip life and more reliable operation when spraying for extended periods of time. The improved airflow and more efficient arc also allow the system to produce a finer coating without compromising deposit efficiency. The new tips, manufactured from a hard wearing, copper alloy are quick and easy to change. The new material, along with improved cooling help to enhance tip life considerably and reduce downtime and running costs.

The ARC145 pistol also includes other enhancements such as measuring the spray voltage at the pistol (assisting diagnostics and simplifying setup) and more simple, robust push buttons. A small amount of weight is taken out of the pistol compared to the ARC140 and a more robust control cable connection is also introduced. Reversible (twice the life) V-rollers complete the ARC145 pistols new features and ensure the most reliable wire feed possible.

The reversible V-rollers also feature on the new ARC145 wire drive unit which utilises the proven technology from the ARC150 spray systems. A larger motor, inverter and independent tension drive unit gives the very best in reliable and repeatable wire feeding.

The drive unit and pistol are joined with our patented ‘Synchrodrive’ principle. The flexible drive cable in 5m, 10m, and 20m lengths, combined with the V-rollers and more positive drive unit ensure the ultimate performance and reliability of wire feeding.

The ARC145 system has been extensively tested with a range or coating wires and proven to give excellent performance over 20m feed lengths with the most challenging, cored engineering wires.

The energiser range includes the latest enhancements introduced to the range at the start of 2016.

  • The latest version of PLC is fitted ensuring long future proofing and support.
  • Digital gauges offering both scale and numeric displays.
  • MCB’s are fitted to the incoming power supply as additional protection if the correct fusing is not fitted to the electrical supply.
  • New Data Kit option giving the possibility of remote monitoring and logging of certain energiser data at a customer’s HMI via a Siemens S7-1200 series CPU.

The system is designed for demanding engineering and anti-corrosion applications and is our most flexible arc spray machine. Suited to hand held or robotic mounting, it is as happy spraying 1.6mm engineering wires onto shafts as it is spraying 2.5mm corrosion coatings onto steel fabrications. The system has undergone a rigorous design, engineering and testing program to bring you a high quality, medium capacity but flexible system that will aid you to maximise production, efficiency and productivity in your thermal spray operations.

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