Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

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ARC528E-ICC Twin Wire Arc Spray Pistol

The pistol has been designed to give consistent throughputs with high coating quality. It is a heavy-duty unit with a robust construction.

  • Designed to spray both anti-corrosion and engineering coatings.
  • Standard 2.3 through to 4.76mm wire size
  • No requirement to change feed rollers when changing wire sizes.
  • CG (constant geometry head) ensuring smooth feed, repeatable wire alignment and no adjustment of contact tubes required.
  • The Drive box is factory lubricated for longer life.
  • Closed arc for improved spray conditions and efficiency.
  • Armature voltage feed back for closed loop wire speed control.
  • Tacho feed back for Motor speed display and integration into closed loop production systems.

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