Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

MSSA supply Arc Beam Concentrators for the Metallisation Arc Spray Systems. 

The concentrator is fitted to the pistol, forcing the spray beam to be narrowed, and more concentrated. It is ideally suited for smaller components resulting in less over spray. 

The images above show the difference in spray concentration created by the Arc Beam Concentrator.

The image on the left shows spraying without the concentrator, and on the right, you can see a more concentrated spray with the Arc Beam Concentrator fitted to the pistol, thus reducing overspray.

Technical Features

  • Reduces Arc Spray footprint by forming a cone of compressed air outside the spray stream.
  • Finer coatings resulting in lower porosity.
  • Improved deposit efficiency when spraying onto small components (less overspray).
  • Some materials applied with the arc beam can be prone to higher levels of internal stress.
  • Increased hardness due to higher oxide content.
  • Available in 2 sizes 1.6mm & 2mm or 2.3mm & 2.5mm.
  • Maximum current at which the arc beam can be used 350 amps.
  • Compressed air requirement 0.7m3/min @ 3.5bar.

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