"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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Optional Flame Spray Extension Nozzle

The Flame Spray extension nozzle is designed for access to restricted areas as well as for coating cylinder bores.

The above video shows a deflected flame spray extension being used on a MK73 flame spray pistol to spray hard to access areas with zinc.


  • Fits directly to Metallisation MK73 (oxy-propane) or MK61 (oxy-acetylene) flame spray pistols.
  • Will spray from 0° to 90° deflection.
  • For use with 1/8” (3.17mm) or 3/16” (4.76mm) wires.
  • Typical access envelope (head diameter + spray stream formation) 75mm.
  • Coating characteristics with the extension are in line with standard flame sprayed coating characteristics (adhesion, surface finish).
  • Available in 150mm, 300mm and 450mm lengths.