Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance


  • Fastest pistols on the market (up to 50kg/hr for continuous zinc).
  • Stop/start version allows operator to stop spraying and leave the flame lit (e.g. whilst inspecting or moving the work piece).
  • Variety of hose lengths to suit each application.
  • Wide range of wire sizes to suit many application and coating requirements.
  • Spreader and non-spreader versions to allow detail work or larger areas to be sprayed efficiently.
  • New, free standing or wall mounted control panel.
  • Safety shut-off valve.
  • Optional panel mounted oxygen regulator for long supplies setups.
  • Variable wire speed control.
  • Suitable for anti-corrosion wires plus some steels, copper and bronzes.
  • Two stage air cap gives optimal setting for lighting and spraying.
  • Rugged construction combined with light-weight and balance for ease of handling.
  • Hanging hook for temporary storage or connection to spring balance.
  • Flow meters for optimal setting of parameters and fault finding.
  • Flow meters include large pointers for ease of checking from a distance.
  • Air Regulator and Filter (A.R.F.) unit supplies motor air, nozzle air.
  • Optional deflected extensions for access to difficult to spray areas.
  • Optional Trolley mount with lockable doors, wire and tool storage.