Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Flame/Powder Spray Equipment Trolleys

For the convenience and ease of moving your Flame/Powder Spray Equipment quickly from job to job, we supply purpose-built Flame/Powder Spray Equipment Trolleys, complete with gas cylinder storage, powder and tools storage with lockable doors.   

Note, the photos show the Powder Spray 85 system installed in the trolley, please note our Trolley's can be loaded with any of our Flame/Powder Spray systems.

Equipment Trolley - Storage Features 

  • Flame spray system storage including Spray Pistol, Flowmeters, Regulators, Flash Back Arrestors, Hoses, Air Manifold.
  • Gas Cylinder Storage facility..
  • Hose Storage Facility.
  • Hard Rubber Wheels.
  • Castors.
  • Wire Storage Facility.

For more information on our equipment, call us on 07 3823 1004, or email us using our contact form.

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