"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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Cost Comparison of HVOF and Kermetico HVAF for Tungsten Carbide Coatings

CAPEX, New Installation Investment Costs HVAF Versus HVOF Equipment

HVAF and HVOF equipment investment cost are about the same if we speak of a one system installation.

But the Kermetico HVAF system deposits coatings 4-5 times faster (15-33 kg/hour for Kermetico HVAF as compared to 4-5 kg for HVOF), that means you could use one Kermetico HVAF system instead of several HVOF coating systems.

What if you don’t have a large volume, but you do have high diversity?

The Kermetico HVAF AK line is an all-in-one system operating several specific guns: Universal, big OD, small OD, ID, rotating ID and hand-held. This requires less investment in a Kermetico HVAF system and makes the payback period shorter.

OPEX, Operating Costs HVAF vs. HVOF Coatings

The key factors of the cost advantage of Kermetico HVAF technology:

  • The HVAF spray rate is 15-33 kg/hour with a deposition efficiency higher than 50%; fewer work hours means fewer hours to pay for; and with our systems, you need to spray just a fraction of the HVOF spray time.
  • No oxygen in HVAF mode – just compressed air, which costs 10 times less.
  • Easy-to-change specialized guns allow spraying each part in the most efficient way.
  • The cost of consumed spare parts is 1/10 of the conventional HVOF expenses for the same work.

The result?

You can see that one hour of Kermetico HVAF costs 30-40% less than one hour of HVOF spraying.

Not impressed?

See below for the cost per 5 kg (11 lbs.) of tungsten carbide coating HVOF or HVAF deposited.

HVOF vs HVAF Tungsten Carbide Coating Quality-Cost Analysis

Each kilogram of Kermetico deposited coating is up to two times less expensive than HVOF. Numerous academic and practical research studies that have been conducted at different universities and job shops around the world support this data.