"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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The Metallisation MET-JET 4L HVOF System is a kerosene fuelled HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) system. The system is mass flow controlled for repeatable coating quality and you have a choice of start-up gas, either hydrogen or propane fuelled.

This video introduces the Metallisation METJET-4L HVOF  system for spraying dense metallic coatings. The coatings produced include hard chrome replacement NiCr coatings or even harder WC (Tungsten Carbide) coatings. Other materials can also be applied. The system is very easy to operate with touch screen controls. The METJET-4L system has a liquid fuel pistol and other liquid fuel pistols can also be controlled by the operation console. A variation of this system (the HVOF Pistol Control Console – PCC) can also control gas fuelled pistols.

Met Jet 4L - Comprises 4 Main Elements

  • The MET-JET gun
  • The MET-JET mass flow meter controller
  • PFII Powder feeder
  • A cooling system

Liquid fuel and oxygen are fed via a pre-mixing system and at high pressure into a combustion chamber where they burn to produce a hot, high-pressure gas stream. This is expanded through a laval type nozzle increasing the gas velocity to around 1500m/sec and the pressure to slightly above atmospheric. At this stage the powder can easily be injected into the gas stream.

This gas stream heats and accelerates the powder particles within the confines of the secondary nozzles so that they impact with tremendous energy upon the substrate material. The MET-JET System does not melt powders but only softens them. Because less heat is imparted to the particles and dwell times are very short, oxidation and decomposition are minimal in MET-JET coatings.

The Metallisation Met Jet 4L System produces the densest metallic and carbide coatings of all, with high hardness and low oxide levels. Furthermore coatings are often compressively stressed allowing thick coatings to be applied without fear of spalling. The Metallisation MET-JET System is designed to meet the needs of the general market by providing a robust, easy to use and inexpensive system.

The whole system is integrated to provide reliable and reproducible results with easy to understand operation and a long life. Interconnections between the various components have been designed such that it is almost impossible to make a wrong connection. Hoses are colour coded for ease of recognition and safety.

Being an Australian Distributor for Metallisation Flame Spray Systems, MSSA supply the full range of Metallisation equipment, including spray guns and spare parts.