"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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  • Any Tungsten not welded to the component falls into the detachable compartment which enables the fragments to be recycled. 
    • This provides a cost saving benefit over other particular Tungsten applicators.
  • An air driven vibrator consistently feeds the tungsten fragments to your MIG torch.
    • To ensure air supply is constant, the feeder has a special fine tuning control after the air gauge to make sure the air pressure to the vibrator is maintained.
  • Tungsten feed tube's angle can be adjusted to suit application and equipment requirements.
  • Can be regulated to allow the correct flow to be established.
  • Complete with funnel, work bench etc. (everything needed to get you operational except for the welding equipment).
  • Foot switch operates the feed of the Tungsten as soon as the switch is operated.
  • Any Tungsten not welded to the component falls into the detachable compartment which enables the fragments to be recycled.
  • No electrical components i.e. Printed circuit boards etc.

Electric tungsten grit feeders tend to have a delay whilst power is being established - giving an approx. 12-13mm of weld deposit before the introduction of the Tungsten.