Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

MSSA coating sealers are commonly used to seal the porosity of thermal spray coatings (both engineering and anti-corrosion coatings). In general, a lot of corrosion coatings (e.g. zinc or aluminium) are just sealed with commonly available paints or paint-based sealers.

Engineering coatings and high-performance corrosion coatings are often sealed with higher performing, deep penetrating sealers.  In many cases, these sealers have been difficult to apply or cure or have short shelf life.

Diamant Dichtol Sealers 

MSSA supply the Diamant Dichtol range of sealers which work based on capillary active impregnation (i.e. it penetrates the coating).  

Dichtol (pictured above) is suitable for dipping, brushing, injecting or spraying, the use of Dichtol allows the maximum tightness of porous substances. The application is completely uncomplicated without vacuum or pressure at room temperature. 

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MSSA 185 Wax Sealer 

MSSA also offer the MSSA 185 Wax Sealer. It is supplied in the form of a stick of wax and applied by melting into the work by simply preheating the part to approximately 95°C (200°F) and then rubbing the wax on. If the work is not hot enough, the wax will not melt but simply mark it like a pencil.

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