Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

Fishing Boat Corrosion Protection - Image Provided Courtesy of ESpray Greece

The Metal Spray process is used in saltwater environments all over the world in order to provide anti-corrosion coatings, anti-slip coatings and also as a method to reclaim worn components. The Metal Spray process is used to combat the very harsh conditions of a Marine environment in which ships can be at sea for months at a time with limited regular maintenance. Metal spray is much more durable than paint and independent European standards (EN14713 and EN2063) show that a life to first maintenance of 20+ years or can be achieved in sea water splash zones.


To ensure the long-term anti-corrosion protection of ocean-going vessels, Metal Spray is used on various parts of the vessels with an aluminium and zinc coating. Many parts of the vessels are specified to be Metal Sprayed for improved safety, durability and life-cycle costs. The deck and the hull, which sit above the waterline, have to be metallised in order to protect them against the harsh saltwater environment. Other parts of vessels that are metal sprayed include: Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) tanks (where fresh fish are stored on board), fish processing rooms, chutes into the fresh fish tanks, net winching sheaves and drums, masts and the trawl boards. Not only are these elements exposed to the harsh, destructive sea environment, but also to the daily ravages of wear and tear of the equipment used in the trawling process. Other areas where Metal Sprayed anti-corrosive coatings are applied include, but are not limited to: Radar Masts, Steam pipes, Exhaust pipes, Ladders, Lifeline Stanchions, Diesel Exhaust Stacks and Steam Riser Valves. The durability of metal sprayed coatings means that maintenance downtime is greatly reduced

Reclaiming parts on ocean-going vessels is another area where Metal Spray is utilised. The reclamation of worn parts for ships is usually subject to Lloyd's Register, particularly on larger vessels. Reclamation applications include, but are not limited to: Propeller Shaft Bearing Journals, Turbo Hydraulic Pump, Rudder, Bilge Pump, Main Circuit Pump, Stabilisers, Capstan and Winches.

Metal/thermal spraying is a technology that protects or extends the life of a wide variety of products in the most hostile environments and in situations where coatings are vital for safety and performance. Durable non-slip coatings can be applied for use on steel floors, ship decks and panels across diverse industries, from train steps and manhole covers to oil platforms and ships.

The images below show the stern of vessel being sprayed with Zinc using an aerial work platform and the Arc Spray process.