Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

The Hipo Jet 2700 HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) Powder Spray System runs on low cost fuels such as Propane / LPG / Propylene / Natural Gas. As liquid fuels are not used, the system does not require any fuel pumps. The result is a low operating cost compared to other HVOF systems. 

The HVOF powder spray gun control console comprises of oxygen & fuel flow meters with control valves powder feeder. The Air Control Unit is comprised of an automatic drain air filter with regulator and secondary filter for oil.  The high-pressure hose unit is used with oxygen, propane and air.

The simple operation and low weight of the Hipo Jet 2700 HVOF Powder Spray system, combined with the PF-700 Powder Feeder, makes this system ideal for onsite thermal spray work. There is only minimal additional training required for operators of combustion spray equipment.

HVOF System Features

  • Precision components designed for reliable & repeatable coatings incorporating high safety standards.
  • Compatible with both Air Cooled Hipo Jet 2700 Gun and high performance Water Cooled (Hybrid) Hipo Jet2700 Gun.
  • Customisable parts to suit your ideal spray applications.
  • User friendly system.

The above demonstrates the Hipo Jet 2700 in operation as well as also featuring the use of 'MSSA No Bond" to mask parts of the job in order to prevent over-spray.