Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

The battle against corrosion is an ongoing struggle. When metals are exposed to air and water, rust forms which causes the coating to slowly diminish. Fortunately, the Metal Spray process provides an effective method of protection for these metals by providing an anti-corrosive/rust preventative coating. A common misconception regarding anti-corrosive coatings is that they can only be completed with Zinc, however the Metal Spraying process offers 4 variations of anti-corrosion coatingsZinc 99.99%, Zinc Aluminium 85/15 alloy, Aluminium 99.5%, and Aluminium Magnesium 5%Each coating variation is designed to provide higher corrosion resistance in different environments (depending on the corrosion application). Applications include atmospheric, concrete, freshwater, high-temperature, industrial, oil & gas, saltwater and underground corrosion. Anti-Corrosive coatings are used for rust prevention on Bridges, Wind Turbines, Water Treatment Plants, Automotive Vehicles, Balustrading, Ductile Cast Iron Pipes, Infrastructure, Fishing Boats, Electrical Resistance Welded Tubes (ERW Tubes), Oil Platforms, Electrical Transformers, Electrical Pylons and many more. Long term effectiveness (over 25 years) in both Industrial and Marine applications have been documented.

Austenitic stainless steels, aluminium bronze, cobalt and nickel base alloys, when sealed, offer varying degrees of atmospheric protection. The particular environment dictates the appropriate alloy selection.

Balustrading anti-corrosion protected
with Zinc

Grafton Gully Bridge (New Zealand)
anti-corrosion treated with metal sprayed Zinc

Internal TSA (Thermal Sprayed Aluminium)
to centre pipe core 

ductile cast iron pipes ductile cast iron pipe
Ductile Cast Iron pipes being Arc Sprayed automatically with Zinc

burj al arab hotel

Burj Al Arab Hotel

The iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel has had in total 10,000m² of steelwork arc sprayed over an intermittent six-month period. See more information on the Burj Al Arab, click here

auckland harbour bridge

Auckland Harbour Bridge

In the 1950’s the Auckland Harbour Bridge was Metal sprayed with 100 tonnes of zinc wire. Now, sixty years later, the bridge is still in perfect condition.