Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance
Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance

 Introducing the NEW (19) range ARC150, a complete thermal arc spraying system combining our NEW ARC150(19) pistol & NEW (19) Model 500 Amp Energiser.

Designed with state-of-the-art features and options, the energisers sophisticated control technology enables quick and easy switching between closed loop and open loop spraying. The display screens show clear and concise details for parameter feedback. These details are monitored at over 500 times/sec to enable superior coating results.

The most comprehensive 500 amp arc spray unit to date!

  • Powerful & versatile.
  • Our most robust system.
  • Outstanding performance.

Similar to the pioneering ARC145P pistol, the ARC150(19) Push Pull system utilises all the benefits that industrial additive manufacturing bring; lighter design but incredibly strong.

The ARC150(19) provides both application and production versatility; a lightweight pistol for maximum operator comfort and a newly designed compact heavy-duty industrial drive system to allow flexibility for long supplies.