"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"
"Engineered Surfaces for Exceptional Performance"

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The Metallisation ARC150 system offers a great balance of controllable throughput with flexible operation and the opportunity to have extended supplies packages up to 50m from the energiser to the pistol. A number of new features are included to enable reliable spraying at 500A, 100% continuous duty cycle. These include a new pistol front end with contact tips instead of solid tubes; up-rated supplies / cooled conductors and terminals; a heavy duty drive unit with v-shaped rollers; heavy duty flexible drive and a 500A energiser with high specification digital meters. These features combine to give a flexible, reliable and manageable solution for medium and large scale thermal spray applications, producing quality, fine surface finish coatings.




  • 500A spray capacity (high productivity).
  • 500A energiser with digital display
  • Closed-loop current (simplicity/reliability)
  • Uses 2.3/2.5mm anti-corrosion wires.
  • 1.6mm setup for high temperature alloys.
  • Air cooled cables (lightweight).
  • Flexible pistol manoevrability.
  • 10 and 20m supplies packages (max wire feed).
  • Extension supplies to extend up to 50m.
  • Easy to setup and maintain (enabling high productivity).
  • MIG, hardboard reel and drum dispense.
  • New heavy duty drive unit and rollers.
  • New contact tips enabling reliability at higher current.
  • 100% duty cycle (reliability and productivity).



Typical Applications 

Multi-coat System for Both Engineering and Anti-Corrosive Coatings Including:

  • Anti-corrosion protection to replace or repair galvanising.
  • Anti-corrosion protection using Zinc, or Aluminium, or 85/15 Zinc Aluminium, or AlMg5. 
  • Restoration of diameter.
  • Reclamation of worn components.

Industry Applications

Arc Spray 150 Extension Deflector


We can supply an optional Arc Spray Extension Deflector Nozzle, which is ideal for those hard to access areas. There are 1.6mm, 2.3mm and 2.5mm versions of the Arc Extension Deflector and are available for zinc, zinc/aluminium and aluminium wires. Engineering wires can only be sprayed with 1.6mm extension. The ARC150 system is designed for anti-corrosion applications spraying zinc, aluminium and their alloys but can also be used to spray other materials commonly sprayed in larger applications such as high temperature alloys. 

Being an Australian Distributor for all Metallisation Metal Spray Systems, MSSA supply the full range of Arc Spray equipment, including spray pistols and spare parts. We also service and repair all systems, drive units and pistols.

For more information on our equipment, call us on 07 3823 1004, or email us using our contact form.

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